VIDEO: Episode No. 2 of Chipotle's "Harry Shipp: Being Homegrown" series — Going Pro | SIDELINE

Last week we shared episode No. 1 of Chipotle's "Harry Shipp: Being Homegrown" video series which chronicles Harry Shipp's rise from his summer workouts with the Chicago Fire, to his highly successful college career at Notre Dame, to his MLS Rookie of the Year candidate season in 2014.

The first episode, titled "Roots," delves deep into Shipp's childhood, his upbringing just 45 minutes north of downtown Chicago and his Fire fandom as a kid.

This week, it's all about "Going Pro" — making that transition from college soccer star and national champion, to MLS rookie and server of crosses for the veterans' shooting practice.

Shipp takes some quality ribbing from his teammates for the cameras following him around, too, but finds time in between rookie duties and ribbing to share a great deal of insight about what it's like to be a Homegrown Players in MLS.