FC Dallas trolls Vancouver Whitecaps with Fish Cam spoof ahead of weekend matchup | SIDELINE

Perhaps you were one of the lucky folks to have seen the Vancouver Whitecaps' briiliant, subtle and somewhat inexplicable marketing campaign "Fish Cam," which hit the Internet last September.

A large aquarium of fish was set up inside the club's offices, a video camera placed in front of it and live-streamed to the world via YouTube. The fish were fed, had ample accomodations to swim as much as they desired and the stream's viewers were given instant relaxation and piece of mind. It was a win-win.

If you missed Fish Cam, then you missed it. Fish Cam's majesty and soothing ambiance can't be recreated or simply explained to you. 

That hasn't, however, stopped the Whitecaps' opponents this weekend, FC Dallas, from firing up their own Fish Cam this week. Only, there's one small catch: The #FCDFishCam isn't meant to be soothing, or to remind fans to renew their season tickets, as the Whitecaps did.

Instead, commentator audio of FC Dallas's last four victories over the Whitecaps accompanies a livestream video of a small fishbowl full of fake, plastic fish.

Is it a massive troll job by the folks at FC Dallas? Of course it is, and it's as amusing as could be.

The Fish Cam Bowl kicks off this Saturday at 8:30 pm ET, and can be seen on TSN2 and MLS LIVE. All of the aquariums and fishbowls will be on the line.