Introducing headis, the new extreme table tennis, soccer header mashup game from Germany | SIDELINE

What kind of game would you come up with if you combined table tennis, ping pong and header keepie uppies?

It's called "headis," which is short for "header table tennis," and you can see just what it looks like how insanely awesome it by watching the above set of videos.

Headis is still so obscure that if you type something like "headis champion" into Google, it has no idea what you're talking about and implies that you've spelled something wrong.

So where in the world does headis come from?

According to Wikipedia, headis was invented in 2006 by René Wegner, a Saarbruecker sports science student at the time, at "Wesch," a pool in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Great. Another sport in which the Germans are going to absolutely dominate the rest of the world.

And now I'm devastated that I sold my ping pong table that I never used at a garage sale for $20. Upon discovering headis, that is now the worst decision of my entire life.