VIDEO: Seattle Sounders' Marcus Hahnemann flies with the Blue Angels, blacks out | SIDELINE

Question: At what rate of fighter jet acceleration would a Major League Soccer goalkeeper simply black out?

Answer: If you're Seattle Sounders goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann, the answer to that question would be 7.6 G-force.

We know this because Hahnemann — the tough and rugged guy that he is — went up with the famed Blue Angels on Wednesday.

There is, of course, video of Hahnemann's flight and subsequent blackout. Watch at the peril of your own potentially squeamish stomach:

"You got me." Are you kidding me? "You got me?" You crazy, crazy dude.

The look on Hahnemann's face once he comes back around is just horrifying. "Oh, yeah, I was riding a fighter jet. Hey, would you look at that, I still am!"

How would you like to wake back up and instantly realize that you're not only a few thousand feet above the ground, but also moving at that kind of speed?

Yeah, no thanks.


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