David Beckham, sons get soaked in golden goo at Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards | SIDELINE

Former LA Galaxy midfielder David Beckham is a legend of the game in every corner of the globe.

He is also, it appears, a legend amongst the young children of America, as he received the very first Nickeloden Legend award during Wednesday night's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

Rather than the standard, boring, orange blimp that the rest of the night's award winners received, Beckham took home the golden blimp. Legend status.

But that's not all the gold he took home on the night. To watch the entire video of Beckham's big surprise, click here.

Oh, look, it's David Beckham receiving another award in his distinguished life. This time, it's his sons Romeo and Cruz presenting it to him. How adorable.

There's that million dollar smile. It sure would be a shame if it got covered in massive amounts of golden goo, wouldn't it? I don't know where that idea came from.

Oh. No time to swap in a stunt double for that. 

And it goes on for quite a while. That's a large quantity of goo, in my very unprofessional goo-pinion.

OK, this is all pretty darn funny. Just nobody fall and get hurt, please. Especially you, David.

There's that smile again, though. Just another day in the life, right?