Tony Bravo, main character of "Matador" on the El Rey network
El Rey

Introducing "Matador," a new TV series about a soccer-playing, crime-fighting DEA agent | SIDELINE

Becoming a professional soccer player? That would be pretty cool.

Being the guy who saves the world from bad guys? That would be equally as cool.

But to become a professional soccer player AND save the world from bad guys, you'd have to be Tony Bravo, main character of the new El Rey network action series Matador.

Bravo, an undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agent and also apparently a baller soccer player, is tasked with infiltrating the infamous LA Riot soccer club and getting to the root of all their evil. To do so, he must first try out for the team and make the squad.

Matador debuted on Tuesday night and appears every Tuesday at 9 pm ET/PT on the El Rey network. Watch the trailer for the series here.


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