North Korea in the World Cup Final vs. Portugal? Well, that depends on who you believe | SIDELINE

North Korea is on top of the soccer world, just 90 minutes away from the nation's very first World Cup title. That is, if you you're buying this YouTube video that may or may not be from North Korean state-controlled media, which conveniently leaves out the fact that the team didn't even qualify for the tournament.

Parody or not, it's a fascinating peak into an alternate World Cup universe in which the plucky underdog made good. Very, very good.

Predictably, this version of the tournament included some convenient matchups, sure to please supreme leader Kim Jong-un. North Korea knocked off the likes of Japan (7-0) and China (a downright kind 2-0) on the way to the final against Portugal. But certainly no imaginary moment of glory was bigger than a 4-0 shellacking of the United States.

Check out the video report above, which creatively paints a triumphant picture of North Korean dominance. Of course, it fails to mention that Germany and Argentina will actually take the field in Rio de Janiero on Sunday.

Details, details.