Pepe and Thomas Muller clash after Pepe was ejected
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World Cup: Germany's Thomas Muller – Pepe hit me in face with his fist; after that I can't really say

Hat trick hero Thomas Muller was obviously the star for Germany in Monday's 4-0 thrashing of Portugal in their World Cup opener. And he was understandbly in a good mood afterward. 

"Of course, three goals in one game, and in the opener against such a team is always nice," he said, laughing and adding: "Some were better than others." 

Muller's first goal came on a penalty kick in the 12th minute after Mario Gotze was dragged down by Joao Pereira.

"We came into the game well early and we created a couple of good half-chances and after 12 minutes we went up 1-0 and then that gives you security," Muller said. "Then the 2-0 gives you a big boost. In the hot sun, especially it gives you an advantage. With one man up, it was as good as done."

Germany went one man up in the 37th minute, and Muller was very involved. Portugal defender Pepe headbutted Muller while the German was seated on the ground. Muller had gone down while chasing Pepe and apparently being sturck by Pepe's flailing arm.  

"I'd like to see it on the TV," Muller said. "I hope it looked OK. He hit me in the face with the fist and what happened after that I can't really say. I hope it didn't look stupid."

The weather, as has been the case in other cities, played a factor in Salvador. The tempurature was during the match 84 degrees, with 70% humidity, and the sun was blinding overhead; however, the Germans felt they were perfectly prepared.

"The sun was incredible, but we trained in weather like this," said captain Philipp Lahm