Brazil Bracket Challenge presented by CapriSun - the only bracket you'll need this summer

It will be the only bracket game you'll play ahead of that big tournament in Brazil. And if you run an office pool, it will be your best friend.

The Brazil Bracket Challenge presented by CapriSun is free and easy to play. Pick your top two finishers in each group and complete the rest of the bracket. Then share it with your friends, tweet it out or print it and flaunt it. And you have until 2 pm ET on June 12 -- the day of the inaugural match between hosts Brazil and Croatia -- to make tweaks before the bracket locks.

There are no official prizes, but if you finish tops in the nation or even in your own league, it'd sure be pretty cool to be known as an international soccer expert. Here's how you play:



Select the top two teams of each group before you predict the knock out round winners.

  1. Sign in with your account. If you don't have an account, you can create your free account now.
  2. Select the two teams that will advance out of each group and then pick the winners or each knockout round match.
  3. Join or create leagues so you can play with friends, family, or fellow soccer fans. There are leagues for every MLS club - including the expansion clubs.
  4. Share your picks on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.


  • Group Stage — 5 points for each correct prediction within the group phrase. Points are earned if you correctly rank the team and that team makes it out of the group stage.
  • Round of 16 — 10 points for each correct prediction.
  • Quarterfinals — 25 points for each correct prediction.
  • Semifinals — 50 points for each correct prediction.
  • Third place — 100 points for correctly predicting the winner of the 3rd-place match.
  • Final — 100 points for correctly predicting the winner of the final.


  • Select the "Leagues" tab to create or join leagues.
  • To add your bracket to a league, select the green "Join" button. Select the red "Leave" button to withdraw your bracket from a league.
  • Official MLS club leagues and other special leagues are available within the "Official" tab.


  • Select the "+ League" tab to create a league.
  • You can create a public league or a private league. If you create a private league you'll be asked to set a password for your league.
  • To delete a league, all participants must leave the league and then you can remove yourself and delete the league.

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