Brazil Bracket Challenge: Some helpful tips on picking your semifinalists

You're probably pulling your hair out right now as you try to decide who's going to make it all the way to the semifinals of your bracket. After all, making the right call there will allow you to collect more points than just getting the group stages right. Here a couple tidbits to give you some historical perspective on what to expect.

Since 1998, there has only been one team outside of Europe or South America to make the semifinals. So even though you might like the chances of the US, Ivory Coast, or Japan, odds are none of those countries will advance past the quarters. The one exception here is South Korea, who were one of the host nations in 2002.

Speaking of host nations, 71 percent of them have reached the semis. Look for Brazil to at least get to that point as they will the home crowd behind them in this tournament -- and all the pressure that comes with it, but still. They have players like Neymar and Thiago Silva, and home field advantage. It should be enough.

Below is a full list of all the nations that are competing in this year's World Cup that have ever reached the semifinals and the amount of times they have done so.

Germany/West Germany 12
Brazil 10
Italy 8
France 5
Uruguay 5
Argentina 4
Netherlands 4
England 2
Spain 2
Portugal 2
Belgium 1
Chile 1
Croatia 1
Russia/Soviet Union 1
South Korea 1

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