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MLS ranked most diverse major sports league in North America with 57 nationalities represented

Major League Soccer's updated survey of its players' places of birth reveals it to be the most diverse group of athletes among the top five team sports leagues in the United States, the league announced on Thursday, with 57 different countries represented as of May 29.

Meanwhile, the number of MLS players born in the United States and Canada has reached an all-time high with 311 players spanning 37 states and four provinces.

The states that have the most representation this season are California (70), Texas (32) and Ohio (23). Ontario has Canada's highest level of MLS representation with 14 players.

The league’s diversity will be well represented at this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil, with six countries represented. In addition to the 10 MLS players on the US national team, current MLS players will compete for Costa Rica, Honduras, Australia, Brazil and Iran.

League (year)
Total # of Players
Players Born Abroad
(% born outside USA & Canada)
Countries Represented
(incl. USA & Canada)
MLS (2014)
208 (38.3%)
NBA (2013-2014)
86 (19.2%)
NHL (2013-2014)
197 (24.9%)
MLB (2014)
218 (25.7%)
NFL (2013)
49 (2.4%)

Courtesy of the Elias Sports Bureau

*Leagues in season include all players on current rosters.
*Leagues out of season include players on rosters when the season ended.