ExtraTime Radio: Steve Sampson on why '98 WCup team's legacy is misunderstood & RSL's Jeff Cassar

Chemistry Trumps Ability

Sporting KC were desperate for help at centerback, but did Peter Vermes throw 17-year-old Erik Palmer-Brown into a lose-lose situation in Week 11? Plus, did Will Johnson overstep his bounds as captain? Further north in Cascadia, the guys debate Obafemi Martins' MVP candidacy. Real Salt Lake head coach Jeff Cassar, meanwhile, is 11 games into his life as a head coach and has yet to experience the sting of defeat. Find out which World Cupper is going to be most difficult to replace in Sandy and why Cassar may be sporting a chrome dome come playoff time.

A few days after 1990 boss Bob Gansler gave the lowdown on the United States' return to the grandest stage, 1998 head coach Steve Sampson explains why the team's legacy is misunderstood. Sampson also explains why booting John Harkes from the team was both the hardest decision of his career and the easiest, and why he made a mistake starting David Regis over Jeff Agoos.

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