adidas's new Battle Pack collection of World Cup boots
Courtesy of adidas

Adidas unveils unique Battle Pack boots collection ahead of 2014 World Cup in Brazil | SIDELINE

Folks, we're long past the days of simple, black-and-white soccer boots.

Even the days of somewhat simple, singular brightly colored soccer boots. We might even be past the days of two or three different brightly colored soccer boots.

Those were so 2013. And then there were these.

Instead, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be forever remembered as the tournament of abstract art soccer boots. At least, that's the feel you get when looking at adidas's brand new Battle Pack boot collection (above and below photos) unveiled on Monday.

The unique black and white design of Battle Pack is inspired by the war paint of native warriors and features gold stripes representing the FIFA World Cup trophy. Lionel Messi's Battle Pack signature adizero F50 includes a blue and white pattern to celebrate the Argentina federation.

Every adidas player will wear Battle Pack during the 2014 FIFA World Cup including Messi, Mesut Özil, Dani Alves, Luis Suárez, Oscar, Philipp Lahm, Karim Benzema, Javi Martínez and Jozy Altidore.

What say you, readers of Every player — whether serious or casual — needs a new pair of boots every now and then. Will you consider picking up something from the adidas Battle Pack collection this summer?