Olbermann: "Columbus Crew fans are world's worst in sports" for Atlanta-to-MLS joke | SIDELINE

Keith Olbermann — host of "Olbermann," the nightly ESPN talk show in which the host leaves scorched earth behind him everywhere he walks — does not appreciate your Civil War jokes, Massive City FFC.

Or maybe it's a couple of slight factual discrepancies, which he cites, that he takes most issue with. 

But come on, Olbermann, "Crew fans are today's worst persons in the sports world," seems a bit harsh, doesn't it?

And all because of a tweet that, we can only assume, was said in jest? 

The tweet in question — which Olbermann features prominently in the above video (2:33 mark) before taking it to task — can also be found here. It would also be wise to read up on William Tecumseh Sherman, the Union General in question. 

It's not up to us to decide who's the "best" and "worst" people amongst MLS's passionate fanbases. So we leave it up to you, MLSsoccer.com readers: Massive City FFC's joke — fair or foul?


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