VIDEO: Atlanta Silverbacks' Eric Wynalda interviewed by Fox Sports' Eric Wynalda | SIDELINE

The problem with "interviewing" yourself is that the tough questions — the ones that people really want answers to — don't get asked.

This is exhibited perfectly by Fox Sports soccer analyst and Atlana Silverbacks head coach Eric Wynalda "interviewing" himself about the unusual duel employment situation he's currently experiencing. A couple days each week he's in Los Angeles with Fox, and his family. Later in the week, he's in Atlanta coaching the NASL side. Then it's back to LA. 

Wynalda seems to think, at least the way that he answers Wynalda's questions, that him coaching the Silverbacks "works," just because it's "different" from the usual managerial setup seen throughout the world.

Sounds pretty easy to me. Why didn't everyone else in the world think of that first ? 

On a slightly more serious note, the most interesting bit of the "interview" is when Wynalda says, "I'm usually back in Atlanta by Wednesday night [or] Thursday, so when the important stuff hits and the games are about to happen, I'll be here with the team."

Does he not think every part of the week's preparations are important? I'd like you to ask that as a follow-up question, Mr. Wynalda.


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