April Fools: Orlando City, Colorado Rapids drastically change identities in cruel jokes | SIDELINE

Tuesday was April Fools' Day, and unfortunately fortunately for all of us, even the people who run the websites and Twitter accounts of MLS teams think they're funny on this day, every year.

Kicking things off for the day, we had the recently announced 21st MLS team, Orlando City SC, unveiling their new "club branding."

It was altogether believable for a moment, because the club previously has stated it would make some changes to the club crest before entering the league in 2015.

Believable, until we saw the first photo of the new "branding."

Next up were the jokesters at the Colorado Rapids. In a landslide against the competition, they took the award for Weirdest MLS April Fools' Day Joke of the Year.

First things first, the Rapids really do need to have a "throwback night," or something. Any reason to wear these kits, which last saw the light of day in 1978 with the old NASL's Caribous of Colorado. They would immediately become the greatest kit an MLS team has ever worn.

This jacket worn by Rapids head coach Pablo Mastroeni would also jump to the head of the line in terms of MLS gear. Everything about this Rapids-to-Caribous switch would be absolute gold.

If you're in the mood to be really weirded out, check out this provoative album of Rapids players in Caribous gear.

As far as quality April Fools' Day jokes go, Orlando City and the Rapids did pretty well to draw a hearty chuckle or two from the masses.