VIDEO: GoPro camera captures creation of Seattle Sounders' DeAndre Yedlin's latest hairdo | SIDELINE

DeAndre Yedlin is proud of his hair. Considering some of the different styles he sported during his rookie year of 2013, he has to be.

And one thing becomes abundantly clear after watching the above video, a time-warp film of the creation of his latest hairdo, shot through the lens of a GoPro video camera obtained specially for this trip to see his stylist(s): it takes a lot of time for his hair to look the way it does. 

The video is produced at super fast-motion speed, and is still somehow 90 seconds long. This man is texting on his phone; taking phone calls; probably tweeting out haircut updates; ordering something to drink; then he has a different drink; and on and on. One of the stylists even had to excuse hereself for a phone break.

This new do couldn't have taken Yedlin anything less than three or four hours of chair time to create.

A normal, everyday person does not have the time for that. That must be why Yedlin decided to become a professional athlete. Just remember: Don't hate the player, hate the game.

The question remains, though: do you like the final product?


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