Introducing FootGolf, which is exactly what you think it is – soccer played on a golf course | SIDELINE

FootGolf sounds like a something dreamed up in your buddy's basement. But we can assure you it's real, and it's catching on quicker than you might believe.

First of all, FootGolf is exactly what it sounds like — football, also known as soccer, and golf melded into one. You keep score like golf — each shot counts as a stroke — while using your feet to strike the soccer ball down the fairway and toward the cup. The lowest number of total shots determines the winner.

To see if one of the 64 courses already in operation or under construction across 20 states and three Canadian provinces are close to you, check out the American FootGolf League's (AFGL) website.

The above video is footage from the 2012 FootGolf World Cup, the inaugural world championship tournament. Since then, the sport has grown quickly worldwide and in North America.

"We put the first official [AFGL] tournament in Northern California, and we had 144 players," Roberto Balestrini, founder of the AFGL, told ExtraTime Radio on Thursday. "After that, more than 2,000 people played FootGolf the following 10 weeks. More than 3,000 played in the next three months."

There are three more tournaments — in San Antonio, Washington, D.C., and New Jersey — currently on tap for 2014, with more expected to be added to the schedule.

And yes, because we know you're wondering to yourself as you read, you are encouraged to wear golf attire and/or argyle-patterned socks with your turf or indoor soccer boots.