Seattle Sounders spent a preseason afternoon off by bonding in the woods, paintballing | SIDELINE

While obviously being useful for many reasons, preseason in pro sports can become a real drag by the time it's almost over.

Sure, preseason camp is great for raising your fitness level, fine-tuning your technical skills and jelling as a team on the field ahead of the regular season. But it can get monotonous, especially when you're cooped up in a team hotel with the same people for weeks at a time.

How do teams spice things up? Well, some playfully haze the rookies, others play ping-pong, more teams play ping-pong, these guys watch Olympic hockey and then there's the Seattle Sounders.

We can only speculate, but surely goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann, the man's man of outdoorsmen, was behind the team's afternoon paintballing outing on Monday.



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