VIDEO: Real Salt Lake, Portland Timbers players train while wearing GoPro cameras | SIDELINE

All preseason, Real Salt Lake have been teasing up with short glimpses of players training with the team while wearing GoPro cameras.

Finally on Wednesday, the defending Western Conference champions dropped the training-with-GoPro bomb on us, in the form of four full minutes of footage (above video).

The Portland Timbers also got in on the action of wearing GoPros as well, with recently signed forward Gastón Fernández taking us along for a training ride (below video).

The RSL video looks like a whole slew of RSL players getting in on the action while outfitted with the camera. If you listen closely, maybe you can tell by the players' voices who they are, and that can become your guessing game for the day, if you'd like.

Watching pro players train and mess around with a ball while wearing GoPros only serves as a further reminder that, man, these guys are so much better than we could ever hope to be.