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MLS Fantasy Manager unveils custom redesign for 2014 with new features, realistic gameplay & more

Make no mistake, 2014 is going to be a whole new ballgame in Major League soccer. Similarly, MLS Fantasy Manager is brand new for 2014 with the release of a redesigned game for the upcoming 2014 season.

In collaboration with ISM games – manufacturers of the official MLS fantasy game since 2011 – we've made this year's gaming experience more dynamic. Want to imitate your favorite MLS team's manager each matchday? Now is your chance!

Fantasy Soccer Manager is all about player/team management, and this year it just got a lot more real. No more automatic substitutions, no vice captains or caparoos and no freebies. If you want to lead your team to glory this season, you'll have to earn it!


This year managers have $120 million to spend on 18 players and up to four players can be selected from a single MLS club. Each team must include:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 6 Defenders
  • 6 Midfielders
  • 4 Forwards

The initial value of your team may not exceed $120 million. Complete list of player values.


The scoring structure is similar to 2013 except for a few key changes:

  • Players will no longer be penalized for big chances missed
  • Players who are credited with a second assist will receive three points (same as a regular assist)
  • Players will receive two points for every penalty earned – This does not include handballs in the box and is not dependent on converting the ensuing penalty
  • Players will earn one point for every own-goal assist – If a player is the last to touch the ball before the opposition concedes an own-goal, the player will be credited with one additional point


There are no automatic substitutions or vice captains this season. Lineups will not lock, only players will.

Last season lineups locked 15 minutes before the first game of the round and managers could not make substitutions until the following day. In 2014, managers will have the freedom to swap players in and out of their lineups at any point throughout the round as long as those players have not yet played and their team's match has not started. A player is locked in the lineup at the posted start time of that team's match.

This freedom will allow you to be more involved in each matchup until the moment it takes place. It will test your true skills as a manager.

The fantasy experts will have your back, but the final decision will be up to you.


The MLS Fantasy Manager season will be 33 rounds and will end with the final game of the regular season (Sporting KC vs New York Red Bulls on October 26). Fantasy will not coincide with the playoffs like it did in 2013, meaning your roster won't be winnowed down at the most important time of the fantasy year.


The new home screen features a revamped navigation bar with dropdown options. The "Research" and "Advice" tabs will give you all the tools you need to make well-informed decisions while managing your team throughout the week.

The "Chatter" section is a new addition as well. There you'll be able to join the discussion with fellow fantasy players all over the world. Communicate with your fellow managers throughout the week as you prepare your lineup, making transfers, follow the matches and, of course, talk trash.


Grand Prize: $1,000 gift card, Panasonic LED HDTV, Xbox One, and one copy of FIFA 15 for Xbox One. Read the complete list of prizes.

For all you managers out there, the wait is over. Spend the next few weeks building your team and creating/joining custom leagues. March 8 will be here before you know it!

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