Beckham: "We have a number of names" for MLS Miami team – so what should it be? | SIDELINE

In case you somehow missed the big news, David Beckham announced that he has exercised his option to purchase a Major League Soccer team, which will be the league's 22nd team.

Major details — one of which being fairly basic, the name of the club — are still yet to be decided upon and made public. 

Following his press conference with MLS Commissioner Don Garber, Beckham took time to speak with KICKTV's faux journalist extraordinaire Jimmy Conrad and a handful of soccer fans via a Google+ Hangout (above video).

One of the most prominent topics to come up in the fan-driven interview was, of course, what the club's name might be.

"We have a number of names," Beckham said in response to the question. "Someone actually said, 'Is it going to be Goldenballs FC,' today, which it's definitely not."

So it's not going to be Goldenballs FC, but at least Beckham has a keen sense of humor regarding his worldwide fame and silly nicknames like that one that fans have given him over the years. Good for him.

Now, let's do our best to give Becks a hand and brainstorm as many potential MLS Miami club names as we can. The comments section is all yours, readers.