Camilo closeup

Vancouver Whitecaps' Camilo Sanvezzo appears in yet another photo wearing Querétaro kit

Camilo Sanvezzo apparently didn’t get Vancouver Whitecaps president Bob Lenarduzzi’s message.

The Whitecaps' star striker was pictured once again in a Querétaro kit, this time on the Liga MX club’s training field Thursday, yet another twist in the seemingly yet-to-be-resolved saga between MLS’s reigning Golden Boot winner and the Whitecaps. Thursday’s picture was the second time this week Camilo has been pictured in a Querétaro jersey.

The club first tweeted out a picture of the 25-year-old Brazilian on Monday, welcoming him and another player to the club, which has since been deleted. It was a move that sparked Lenarduzzi to fire back in an impromptu meeting with the press later that day, insisting that Camilo was the property of the Whitecaps and even going as far to say any contract outside his current club would be a violation of international transfer rules.

"He is our player,” a frustrated Lenarduzzi said at the time.

Lenarduzzi said the Whitecaps and MLS sent proof of Camilo’s contract to Querétaro and expressed a hope it would be enough for the Mexican club to “back off.” Apparently they didn’t the message.

And if Lenarduzzi was frustrated earlier in the week, he clearly can’t be pleased with the latest act of defiance.

“We’re frustrated with the fact that it’s actually gotten to this stage,” Lenarduzzi said Monday, adding that the club will wait until the “dust has settled” to determine if any bridges had been burned and if Camilo’s future with the club can be salvaged.

“We need to get to a point where cooler heads prevail,” he said. “At that point we can decide our plan of attack from there.”

The dust, however, appears nowhere close to settled. 

The Whitecaps declined to comment on the photo when contacted Thursday by