New Stabæk coach Bob Bradley: You gotta have players who bleed for the club

Bob Bradley has always been known for his intensity. Whether coaching Princeton University, an MLS club, or a national team, he has always given his full commitment to his team -- demanded the same of his players.

On Friday, he was named head coach of Norwegian Tippeligaen side Stabæk, and just because he has just become the first-ever American manager at a top-flight European club, his mindset obviously isn't about to change.

"You don't get anywhere if you don't look to set the bar as high as possible," he said in a video introduction (above) released by the club. "I know that Stabæk has done that in its history. And I know in recent years, when things have fallen off a little bit, it hasn't changed the mindset of the main people at the club.

"And it certainly hasn't changed the mindset of the supporters. They've always been there. The best supporters will bleed with the club. The game with no fans has no soul. So you gotta have players who also then will bleed for the club."

Stabæk, originally founded in 1912, have had mixed results in the past decade. They yo-yo-ed between the first and second divisions in 2004 and 2005, but then won their first and only Tippeligaen title in 2008. They were relegated again after the 2012 season, only to bounce back up after finishing second in the Adeccoligaen (2nd division) in 2013.

Under Bradley, De blaa -- The Blue Ones -- will look to solidify their top-flight status and maybe make another push to return to the UEFA Champions League, which they participated in in 2009. 

"You know, life is about challenging yourself in these ways," Bradley said. "You believe in big challenges. You set big goals. You can't be afraid, then, if you just miss on the day. Maybe it's disappointing, but at the same time, trying to set the bar as high as possible, working with the idea that now we want to win the league, we want to win the cup -- this is what football is all about."