VIDEO: NHL goaltender makes bicycle kick save that rivals any overhead soccer goal ever | SIDELINE

Sure, Camilo, your MLS Goal of the Year-nominated bicycle kick was impressive and cool and probably really difficult and stuff.

But you didn't do it while wearing highly constrictive, full-body armor, did you? And a soccer ball is much larger than three inches in diameter and flat, thus easier to connect with, isn't it?

Also, remind me — were you standing on ice when you decided to throw your body wildly, corkscrew in the air and whip your leg around? No, I didn't think so either.

So you'll probably have to be happy to settle for Goal of the Year in Major League Soccer, because the Calgary Flames (NHL) goaltender Reto Berra claimed the unofficial Bicycle Kick of the Year award on Wednesday night with a stunning overhead kick save (video above).

The 26-year-old Swiss is also pushing 200 pounds, which makes his work all the more impressive.


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