ExtraTime Radio: Benny Feilhaber on the interception that put Sporting KC on the brink of MLS Cup

Third Time's the Charm

Some things never change. Sporting Kansas City and the Houston Dynamo are at it again in November, while the New York Red Bulls are left to wonder what went wrong...again.

Sporting midfielder Benny Feilhaber joins the guys to discuss his first-ever MLS Cup Playoff appearance, as well as the assist that gave Kansas City the aggregate win against his old team. And now that the Red Bulls are done, Feilhaber acknowledges the club face a special opportunity: MLS Cup in front of their home fans on Dec. 7. It's a definite possibility.

ESPN broadcaster and friend of the show Taylor Twellman also dishes on a wide range of MLS and USMNT topics, including why he thinks Tottenham's handling of the Hugo Lloris case was the best thing that could have happened for concussion awareness.

Readers also pile on Simon's appreciation for Creed, and ask what has to happen to improve the playoff television experience. Plus, can David Beckham actually inspire MLS affinity in Miami?

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