Erick Torres and Jose Luis Real Chivas USA
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No new Goats: Chivas USA plan to improve without help from struggling mother club in Guadalajara

CARSON, Calif. – Don’t expect much, if any, roster flow between Chivas USA and parent club CD Guadalajara in the coming months.

According to head coach José Luis “Guero” Real, the Rojiblancos will do their best to fill their needs from within and reeling Guadalajara will do the same as they attempt to avoid relegation from the Liga MX.

Chivas USA brought aboard a number of players from the Mexican club this season, including forward Erick “Cubo” Torres, midfielder Edgar Mejía and defender Mario de Luna. Mexican-American midfielder Eric Avila had a two-week trial with Guadalajara in June, but returned to Chivas USA shortly thereafter.

“First and foremost, it’s about what’s here,” Real told “We’ve got to build up Chivas USA. For Avila and for all of us here, it was enjoyable to see him, a Chivas USA player, get called to Guadalajara, but now we have an understanding with the staff and ownership there that Chivas USA has to be for Chivas USA. There also won’t be players coming from Guadalajara, unless there’s an exception like ‘Cubo’ Torres.

“There’s sufficient material, in this league as well as within our team, for us to build here. So we believe Chivas USA can reach their heights with that approach and by bringing a player from Mexico only if he is an exception.”

Former head coach José Luis “El Chelís” Sánchez Solá made a splash shortly after being hired by drafting Mexican-American midfielder Carlos Alvarez. A major appeal was the possibility of utilizing Alvarez at Guadalajara, if needed.

Avila has scored three goals in 26 games this season – both career highs – after being acquired from the Colorado Rapids in exchange for Nick LaBrocca. He says he would welcome an opportunity to rejoin Guadalajara at some point, but his focus is on MLS.

“There has been zero talk about [going back to Guadalajara],” Avila told “We’re just trying to close out this season as well as possible. We’ve only got two games left and we’re going to try to end on a good note. But we’re going to sit down and discuss what the plans are.

“Going down there and seeing everything was different, but a great experience for me. I do intend to maybe one day go down there and play, either if that’s now or maybe some other time, but I wear this shirt now so I’m going to fight for where I’m at now.”