Infographic map: 549 MLS players arranged by birthplace, from USA to New Caledonia | SIDELINE

Soccer is the world's game, and just like the United States and Canada, the league itself is a true melting pot of people and players from across the globe.

As displayed in the above infographic, 549 players from 62 different countries including six of the seven continents (sorry, Antarctica) call MLS home. The United States (304 players) is obviously the best represented, which is hardly surprising given its domestic status. Canada (19), Colombia (19), Brazil (18) and Argentina (17) round out the top five. England (14), Ghana and The Gambia (6 each) and Japan (3) are the leaders of their respective continents.

If I told you there is one MLS player from New Caledonia, could you tell me who it is? How about Indonesia? Croatia? Serbia? Bermuda? Ivory Coast? Try to figure out a few of those without cheating and looking it up.