VIDEO: Steven Lenhart Chia Pet Night should win fictitious MLS Promotional Night of the Year award | SIDELINE

We already warned you made you aware a couple weeks ago that Steven Lenhart Chia Pet giveaway night is a thing that is happening very soon. And now the San Jose Earthquakes have gone eight steps past confirming Lenhart's head as a Chia Pet with the above video advertising Steven Lenhart Chia Pet giveaway night on September 8.

So watch it. Watch it again. Watch it again.

All other MLS teams, do take note. This is MLS Promotional Night of the Year quality stuff, and I have never seen anything this creative and outside the box.

First person to make their Lenhart Chia Pet look like 2013 Coolio, wins.

As we said before, the only travesty of Steven Lenhart as a Chia Pet is that only 2,500 fans will receive this promotional giveaway. So get there early, Quakes fans. Because if you have a chance to get one and don't, and I don't have a chance to get one, well, that just wouldn't be right.


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