Clint Dempsey and Jurgen Klinsmann at a press conference

Big Debate: Should Jurgen Klinsmann call up Clint Dempsey to the Bosnia match?

Clint Dempsey is set to make his MLS debut on Saturday in Toronto. But should he be departing Canada and heading straight to Sarajevo for the US national team's friendly against Bosnia-Herzegovina on Aug. 14?

Typically when USMNT players join new clubs, they are given a reprieve from call-ups to settle in. But does Dempsey need to be spared the trip? Keep in mind, he also happens to be the USMNT captain and he has admitted not having spoken to Klinsmann about his move from the EPL to MLS. Maybe a trip to Sarajevo to re-affirm his standing on the US squad following his transfer wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Two editors have very differing views on the topic, prompting the latest Big Debate.

Who do you agree with? Give us your comments below.

The Debater

Simon Borg

Andrew Wiebe

The Argument Dempsey in Bosnia sends a clear statement Spare him the travel, Dempsey's place is safe
The Defense

Will Klinsmann be fielding a team in Sarajevo that is entirely based in Europe? Doubt it. So if you're calling up anyone from MLS, then your captain has to be on that list. Yes, Dempsey's just joining up with a new club and needs to get settled, but he's the USMNT captain and he should be there every step of the way to Brazil. Plus, if Dempsey's not there, the controversy and questions will surely follow: Does Klinsmann think any less of Deuce after leaving the EPL for MLS? Save yourself the heresay and call him up.

Sure, Klinsmann could, and almost certainly will, call on his captain to travel more than 20 hours and log 10,000 air miles round trip to get another game in before two crucial World Cup qualifiers in September. This already on the back of two weeks of globetrotting with Tottenham (London to Hong Kong and then back to London) before heading to Seattle to complete one of the biggest deals in MLS history. I say give Deuce a break. Let him settle. Let him arrive in Miami for camp come September with a clear mind and fresh legs. Nobody is taking the captaincy from Dempsey at this point, and any talk to the contrary is rumor-mongering, pure and simple.

Who do you agree with? Let us know in the comments below. 


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