Clint Dempsey celebrates his goal for the USMNT as Eddie Johnson runs behind him
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Of course Eddie Johnson brings the funny during the #DempseyWatch | THE SIDELINE

Sorry, Twitter. Eddie Johnson is here to rain on your parade.

If you haven't seen the Internet explosion of the afternoon, the popular rumor going around is that US men's national team star Clint Dempsey is on his way back to MLS, partly fueled by this tweet from FOX Soccer anchor Keith Costigan: 

It takes much less to spark a Twitter frenzy, and that's just what happened, even inspiring the hashtag #DempseyWatch2013 and proliferating a viral rumor (and sketchy Instagram photo) that Dempsey was spotted at San Francisco International Airport on Thursday afternoon. (Zounds! A soccer player spotted at an airport during preseason!)

But the Sounders' Eddie Johnson jokingly poured cold water on the rumor, even getting in a crack about his own proclivity for Tweeting, not to mention his occasional tendency to jump the gun on big news: