MLS Fantasy: Is your team's value on the rise, holding steady or below the norm?

It's not all about money when it comes to managing a successful team in MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager, but it sure is helpful. Here are some things to consider if you're trying to maximize your team's value.

  • The best time to capitalize on these value changes is early in the week
  • Player values can increase or decrease a maximum of $0.3m each round
  • Monitor the Transfers In and Transfers Out (per round) to see if a player is close to a change
  • Monitor the Price Rise and Price Fall (per round) to see how much a player's value has changed

Some people think that in order to have a successful team, you need to have a high team value. For instance, the No.1 player in FS:M, S F Wray (The Logging Crew), has a team value of $109.6m, with an additional $1.6m in the bank. While extra cash can certainly increase your chances of acquiring all the top players, it's not the end all be all. A player in my OPTA USA league, Frank Reilly (Bend it like Burling) has a team value of just $101.5m, and an additional $0.5m in the bank, yet he currently ranks second in the head-to-head standings (1,277 overall).

To get a better idea of where teams rank when it comes to cash flow, here are the Top 3 Most Valuable Teams in MLS Fantasy. To see a complete round-by-round breakdown of their earnings, click on their team name.

1. Ermes Garbagnati (Money McMoneyBags)

  • Team Value - $115.2m
  • Overall Rank - 11,287
  • Overall Points - 926

2. Brian Cullimore (MARCO DIZERO)

  • Team Value - $115.2m
  • Overall Rank - 4
  • Overall Points - 1,474

3. Mac McNube (Marmots)

  • Team Value - $114.4m
  • Overall Rank - 18
  • Overall Points - 1,423

Is your team’s value on the rise, holding steady or falling below the norm? See where you rank among the Most Valuable Teams in MLS Fantasy.

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