MLS Power Rankings Week 17: New York Red Bulls take a dive after Philly debacle

Supermoon! Summer solstice! Cookouts in the back yard and the Red Bulls' annual losing streak! Soak in the sun, folks – but remember to wear at least SPF 30.

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You think that maybe Costa Rica should have found a way to get Rodney Wallace on the field in the Hex? I mean, who needs that kind of production from left midfield, right?


Last: 4

On points per game, this is the best team in the league since the start of May, and over the last five as well. Jumped on a very good, and pretty hot, Seattle team and never let them into the game.


Last: 2

Drop a spot since they were leapfrogged by RSL, but in all honesty, the top four are a complete toss-up at this point in the season. One thing to note: When Alessandro Nesta starts, the Impact are 7-0-1. When he doesn't, they're 2-3-1. They absolutely need to keep him healthy.


Last: 3

We're not going to say that the bottom has dropped out, but FCD have won just once in their last five and looked good to take another "L" before some late set-piece heroics.


Last: 6

Like FCD, they've won just once in their last five – but at least the 2-2 draw in Frisco was a good result for SKC. A concern, though, is just how far this team has strayed from Peter Vermes' intended tactics. They completed just 209 passes on Saturday, the lowest number in the league this year and a far cry from the dominant, high-pressure teams of 2011 and 2012.


Last: 7

New York's nosedive opened up this spot for the Sounders despite a tepid performance in RSL. They'll get Ozzie Alonso back soon, though, which should see their form pick up – and regardless, the results have been good, by and large.


Last: 9

The attack has disappeared a bit, but "defense first," right? The Galaxy are no doubt pretty pleased with pitching a pair of shutouts, and became the first team this season to truly outplay the Timbers in the process.


Last: 5

Death, taxes, a May unbeaten streak from the Red Bulls followed by a June losing streak. These are the things that you can count on in the world as we know it.


Last: 11

Camilo and Russell Teibert are getting the headlines – deservedly so. But it's Kenny Miller who's the key. The Whitecaps are 5-1-0 when he starts, and 1-4-4 when he doesn't.


Last: 14

We've been waiting to move this team up, because their wins have tended to come against weaklings while their losses have tended to be emphatic. Well, the Red Bulls aren't weaklings, and even before the red card, Philly was dominating that game. Second in the East now on both total points and points per game.

  • Last Week: Won vs. New York, 3-0
  • Last Five: W-L-D-W-W
  • This Week: Saturday vs. FC Dallas (5:30 pm, NBCSN)


Last: 10

OK, so the bottom hasn't dropped out in Dallas quite yet, but it sure seems like it has about four hours down the road on I-45. Yeah, Will Bruin needs to score – but he needs a bit of help in that department as well. The Dynamo just don't create many chances.


Last: 8

Can't ever get caught napping like they did on the Frédéric Piquionne goal. Oscar Pareja is probably making his team run suicides as we speak. Beyond that, it's pretty clear that the Rapids are not particularly good at trying to play from behind.


Last: 12

We at the Power Rankings Politburo apologize for failing to make a "Children of the Revolution" reference until now. Pretty sure this is Greg Lalas' fault.

  • Last Week: Bye
  • Last Five: W-W-W-D-L
  • This Week: Saturday at Chivas USA (10:30 pm, MLS Live)

Last: 16

See, that last five is pretty, but we're not really going to buy it until they beat a quality side. The Crew aren't that at this point. And honestly, the most impressive result of the season for Chicago might be that come-from-behind 2-2 draw vs. Portland a couple of weeks back.


Last: 13

Definitely came to play against the Fire, but Columbus just can't seem to get the details right this year. Looks like the slow descent since the 2008 double is finally picking up some steam.


Last: 15

The nightmare season continues with an injury to Chris Wondolowski and a limp performance at D.C. All the magic from 2012 has disappeared.


Last: 17

TFC drew on the road? We're as stunned as you are, we promise.


Last: 19

Nice win, and a nice welcome back to the world of the living for Chris Pontius. United should sign a couple of Mexican-Americans then offer to trade them to Chivas for Oswaldo Minda, by the way – he'd be an immediate help for them in midfield.

Last: 18

Since the beginning of April, Chivas have claimed just one of the last 30 points available. They've scored four goals in that run.