MLS Fantasy: With every new season comes change. What do you want to see next?

I think we can all agree that with every new year comes change. Sometimes we don't agree with change because we become accustomed to doing things a certain way. And when things start getting switched around, it throws our daily routine out of whack.

However, in the long run, these changes help everyone. It's an ongoing process for several companies who are looking to build something better (for the user) than the year before. As is the case this year and's revamped homepage.

Well, in this year's version of MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager there's been quite a few changes as well, to say the least. Let's run through a couple of these changes now;

  1. Twitter - Pictured above is the official Twitter page for MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager. If you're an active player in fantasy soccer and you're not following this page, you should be. Here you'll find a wide array of information regarding key injuries, suspensions, trades, new signings, stat corrections, projected lineup changes and much more. The design has been recently updated and it's user friendly. Have a question? Expect to receive a response specific to your matter or something that will help steer you in the right direction within 24 hours.
  2. Fantasy Homepage - This is the best way to get the latest fantasy content each and every week. This page (pictured right) acts as a fantasy hub. It was designed specifically to allow all FS:M (and 3 Goal Monte) users access to everything they need with regards to fantasy gaming.
  3. Statistics - The new "Stats" tab in FS:M allows managers to not only breakdown players in the game, but other managers in the game as well. For instance, you can track the top fantasy manager for each month, the top manager overall, as well as the top leagues. You're also able to view players more clearly when making comparisons. It's tough to view each player's statistics on the "transfer" page so using the stats page will help you see things on a much larger scale.
  4. News - The "News" tab allows you to view all the latest articles (in chronological order) that discuss anything labeled with the fantasy tag. You can access this through FS:M or by going to
  5. Email Reminders - Sometimes it can be tough remembering to set your fantasy lineup when there's a Wednesday or Thursday game so we're adding email reminders similar to the ones you get for 3 Goal Monte. These reminders will have much more detail though. They'll let you know how many players you have going in each game so you can pick which game you want to tune into based on your fantasy lineup for that week. It also lets you know which players on your team are suspended or injured.

So like I said earlier, change is a good thing. Is there something you want to see change in MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager for the 2014 season? Or maybe there's something you want to see change this season. Let us know what you'd like to see change in the comments below.

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