Kenny Cooper - Ref Week
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Referee Week: Kenny Cooper's goal resolved - or was it?

As part of's Referee Week, we're asking you to jump into the game and make some calls yourself. Just like the guys on the field, you'll be asked to make the judgment in real time. No replay, no second looks, no yellow line - just one view and one split-second verdict.

For our first call, we're taking a look at FC Dallas' visit to New England from back in March, when Kenny Cooper found the back of the net:

That's a goal, right?

Maybe. Maybe not. That's a tight offside call – especially when you have just one look at it.

You make your call in the comments section below. We'll be back in a few hours with a replay.

The Verdict: Simon Borg breaks it down

Simon covered this one on Instant Replay two months ago, and like most of you in the comments section, he got it right: Cooper was onside. That should have been 1-0 to FCD.

Here's something interesting, though: If you have MLS Live you can watch the replay of the game, and you'll see at 63:35 when the ball is put back in play, the ref doesn't have his arm raised to indicate indirect free kick. If "offside" had been the call, then he would have.

So maybe it was a foul called on Bobby Shuttleworth, the Revs' 'keeper? Pretty sure that one's wrong, too.

But either way, it's a good indication of just how fast these decisions have to be made, and just how many variables are in play.