#MayThe4thBeWithYou: Which MLS teams would Star Wars characters support?

In the spirt of #MayThe4thBeWithYou, the resident Star Wars experts on staff at MLSsoccer.com take a guess at which Major League Soccer teams the films' biggest charaters might support, if they lived in this galaxy. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Admiral Ackbar would support New England Revolution

The Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance would support the Revs for their fighting spirit and can identify offside traps almost as well as Jerry Bengtson and Lee Nguyen. Also, Ackbar would be a sucker for the New England Revolution's name.

Wedge Antilles would support Houston Dynamo

The leader of elite fighter force Rogue Squadron supports the Dynamo for their effective attacks and Brad Davis' precision passing and free kicks. Also, Houston's orange jerseys reminds him of his rebel flight suit.

Boba Fett would support Chicago Fire

Everyone's favorite badass Mandalorian bounty hunter is a big fan of wrist-mounted flame-throwers, so it's a given Boba Fett (right) would support the Fire. Also, as a bounty hunter, he appreciates the chase as much as the reward. The Fire have been chasing their second MLS Cup ever since 1998, when they downed everyone’s soccer darlings D.C. United in the final. You just know the Fett, who made his name by tracking down Han Solo, would’ve appreciated that.

Chewbacca would support Portland Timbers

Chewbacca would support the Timbers because he would feel right at home at JELD-WEN Field. His homeworld, Kashyyyk, has been described as “wild and untamed. It stirs the blood and makes one feel alive.” Sounds a lot like a match night with the Timbers Army.

C-3PO would support San Jose Earthquakes

C-3PO would support the Earthquakes because, well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Silicon Valley is a home away from home for any humanoid protocol droid! You can just imagine him falling in love with an iPhone6 or something. Furthermore, 3PO is like the Goonie of the Star Wars clan: No matter how he’s mangled, de-programmed, or panicked, he always comes back in the end.

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Grand Moff Tarkin would support Toronto FC

The man behind the Death Star loves big projects with ambitious goals, so Grand Moff Tarkin would support Toronto FC in their attempt to improve after a poor 2012 season. Also, as Darth Vader's boss, he'd appreciate the club's ability to bring in big personalities to lead the team.

Jabba the Hutt would support Vancouver Whitecaps

Jabba the Hutt would support the Whitecaps because he can identify with the club’s vast international reach and meticulous developmental approach. Jabba’s extensive crime syndicate reaches all around the Outer Rim Territories (the British Columbia of the galaxy --sort of). And although the fact that Jabba is a criminal kingpin might not make the Southsiders welcome him into their arms, they will certainly enjoy that he relishes eating his rivals (read: Toronto FC) for lunch.

Obi-Wan Kenobi would support D.C. United

Ben Kenobi (right) would support United because it warms his heart to see someone named Ben (Olsen) take so many younglings under his wing and turn them into ninja-like warriors. Plus, he would feel at home in the storied confines of RFK Stadium.

Han Solo would support Montreal Impact

Solo, the only star pilot whose strategy for attacking Imperial Star Destroyers is to fly directly into them, would be extremely partial to Marco Di Vaio's and the Impact's agressive shoot-first offense.

Queen Amidala would support Real Salt Lake

Although she is royal and elegant, Queen Amidala is never afraid to get scrappy in battle, so she would love RSL's hardworking midfield and Jason Kreis' no-nonsense leadership style.

Luke Skywalker would support New York Red Bulls

Luke was a hotshot fighter pilot with all eyes on him, so he'd support Henry and the Red Bulls. Never mind how complicated things would get with Obi-Wan rooting for DC and his sister pulling for Philly.

R2-D2 would support Columbus Crew

The hardest-working astromech droid in the galaxy would support one of the league's most skilled sides. He'd be a big fan of the quick and nimble Dominic Oduro. Plus, Artoo loves to put out fires.

Leia Organa would support Philadelphia Union

The princess wields a great deal of power, but she's young and brash, too -- this rebel would be a Philly fan even if Jack McInerney didn't remind her so much of herself.

Lando Calrissian would support Sporting Kansas City

This smooth-talking cloud dweller would be drawn to KC's flowing and elegant style and, just like Sporting, Lando can pull out an off-formation strategy when he needs to -- just ask the second Death Star (which he blew up).

AT-AT pilots would support FC Dallas

The pilots of the galaxy's coolest vehicles would support FC Dallas' brute force and commanding style. Plus, everything is bigger in Texas.

Qui-Gon Jinn would support Colorado Rapids

As a Jedi that's perfectly in tune with the Force, Qui-Gon Jinn would feel completely at home in the ever-changing natural elements at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. He'd also identify with the gritty maverick Pablo Mastroeni and the rest of the combative Rapids midfield.

Emperor Palpatine would support LA Galaxy

It makes sense that the most powerful man in the galaxy would be a Galaxy fan. Plus, the club's recent back-to-back championships remind him of the way he methodically conquers star systems.

Darth Vader would support Chivas USA

Being a Chivas fan, the master of the dark side of the Force would be rooting against his boss (the Emperor) but Darth has privately been scheming with El Chelís to shake up the status quo.

Yoda would support Seattle Sounders

Be real, we must. A little bit like Dagobah, Seattle's climate is.

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