FC Dallas announce ban for fan who threw bottle that struck George John

Six days after a bottle thrown from the stands struck FC Dallas center back George John in the midst of a game-winning goal celebration, the club made it clear such behavior won't be tolerated at FC Dallas Stadium.

On Friday afternoon, FC Dallas issued the following statement to MLSsoccer.com regarding the incident:

"Authorities have identified the individual who threw an object onto the field during Saturday’s match against the LA Galaxy. We sincerely appreciate the FC Dallas supporters who helped identify the person responsible. This individual was not a member of any of our supporters' groups, and as a result of his actions, he has been banned from FC Dallas Stadium and complex.
We have tremendous fans and their positive show of support creates a fantastic atmosphere in our stadium. Throwing objects onto the field of play is prohibited and never tolerated. Our stadium and security staff will continue enforcing policies that protect the safety of players, fans and personnel. While it is common practice in stadiums to serve drinks in bottles, we are choosing to switch to plastic cups in the beer garden due to its proximity to the field of play. We look forward to celebrating many more games with all fans in a safe, friendly environment."

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John was wheeling away from goal to celebrate his 87th-minute goal when a bottle was thrown from the north stands and clearly struck him behind the right ear, drawing blood and keeping him ground for a few minutes.

“I knew something hit me,” John told reporters after the match. “I wasn’t quite sure what happened, if I ran into the post or what, but then I looked down and saw a beer bottle and I was like that had to of hit me. I felt [my head] and there was a ridge and then I was like, 'Yes, something hit me for sure.' Luckily I didn’t need stitches and I was able to stay in and finish out the game.”

FC Dallas host the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday at 8:30 pm ET (MLS LIVE).