Mexican media spy on USMNT closed-door practice session in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY – Just hours after arriving into Mexico City on a charter from snowy Denver on Sunday evening, the US national team trained behind closed doors at Cruz Azul's practice facilities at La Noria.

Or so they thought.

Ahead of Tuesday night's World Cup qualifier at the Estadio Azteca (10:30 pm ET, ESPN and Univision), Mexican media went to incredible lengths to watch the US practice from a nearby rooftop (check out the stunning photo here)

One of the Mexican media members on hand was a Récord reporter, Álvaro Cruz, who triumphantly tweeted: "Klinsmann caught us taping him from up high and they sent the police, but it was impossible to prevent Mexican journalism from winning this game."

Not sure how much "Mexican journalism" really won here. Cruz shared some very non-revealing details about the practice session, but he did release the photo of the family who allowed him and others to get on top of their house to cause the ruckus in the first place.

The USMNT will formally go public on Monday, holding a press conference and interviews with US traveling media in the afternoon. That will be followed by the side's walk-through of the Estadio Azteca later in the evening.