MLS Fantasy Soccer: How the transfer system works continues our multi-part series to help the novice fantasy soccer player get into the game and start playing MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager, our exclusive season-long fantasy game. Contributor Schuyler Redpath, one of the alltime best MLS fantasy players, will walk you through the game, from the basics of building a team to optimizing your squad selection to creating a league.

Part VI: Transfers & Substitutions

We're only a few days away from the 2013 MLS season opener. That means you've already registered your MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager team, built your squad, and joined a league. Now you need to start paying close attention to Transfers and Round Deadlines. These are important strategically and also from a logisitcal standpoint. 

What is a transfer?

A transfer is basically a trade. You trade a player on your team for another player in the game who you don't have. However, you do not have unlimited trades, so you have to be smart and careful with your transfers. It's not always only about what is happening in any given week.

How many transfers do I have each round?

First, you can see how many free transfers you have each round on the Transfers page.

Each round you will be allotted between 2-3 free transfers, depending on the round. You can also "buy" additional transfers. Any additional transfers made will deduct 4 points from your total, so only use it sparingly or when desperation calls for it. 

During the playoffs you will be allowed more free transfers as the player pool to choose from decreases. 

New to FS:M game this season is the bonus of having unused transfers carry over to the next round. If you do not use all of your free transfers in a round, you are able to make one additional free transfer the following round. If you do not use this saved free transfer in the following round, it will be carried over until you do. However, you can never have more than 1 saved transfer.

What is the transfer wildcard?

The transfer wildcard is like a gift from the fantasy soccer gods. It allows you to completely redo your squad without being penalized for using more than the free transfers you are allotted.

Managers are given two wildcards to be used over the course of the season. One wildcard can be played at any time. The other wildcard can only be used after Round 20 starts (Jul 06, 7:15PM ET) until Round 25 ends (Aug 17, 6:45PM ET). Take note of this and be sure to use both wildcards to your advantage.

Here are three strategies to consider when deciding the best time to use your wildcards:

  • You may be frustrated with your initial squad selection and will want to use your wildcard early on so that you don't lose anymore ground to your competitors.
  • Your wildcard could come in handy if you find your team is full of players who will be inactive for the round due to international call-ups, injuries or their team having a bye week.
  • Though not as often as last season, there will be rounds where teams play more than once. Study the schedule and transfer deadlines to determine which teams play multiple games within each round. If you use your wildcard to load up on players who will play multiple games in the round, you will be setting yourself up for earning double points from your team, which will likely translate into a monster fantasy round.

Note: When playing a wildcard, any saved free transfers will be lost. You will be back to the usual free transfers the following round.

What is the transfer deadline?

The transfer deadline is always 15 minutes before the first match of each round kicks off.

On your "My Team" page there are three reminders of when the deadline is for the current round. Make a note of this and be sure to make your moves before your team is locked in for the round. If you miss a transfer deadline without making necessary changes to your team it could prove devastating to your place in the Global Overall league standings.


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