Big Debate: Will Carlos Ruiz score 10 goals for DC United this year?

Last week, one of MLS's all-time great goalscorers, Carlos Ruiz, returned to the league, signing with D.C. United. Naturally, that sparked plenty of debate around the offices about what sort of impact the controversial 33-year-old Guatemalan, who has 88 regular-season goals to his credit in his off-and-on MLS career, will have.

So how many goals will El Pescadito ("The Little Fish") score for United this year? We set the Over/Under at 10. 

Greg Lalas Editor-in-Chief

Jason Saghini Director of Video

OVER: Ruiz will score more than 10 goals. UNDER: Ruiz will score fewer than 10 goals.
Proud and unpredictable, the Little Fish is at his best when people underestimate him. Ruiz is exactly the kind of selfish poacher who can make creatives like DeRo, Pontius, and DeLeon look like geniuses. He'll force his way into the lineup and is good for 12 goals.

Ruiz is a solid #9, but several factors will limit his playing time:

  1. Competition for one spot up top (Pajoy & Rafael).
  2. He's a banger, but older now, so injuries will knock off a few games.
  3. Um, it's Carlos Ruiz. There are at least 2 suspensions coming.

All told, I expect 8-9 goals in 25 games. 


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