MLS Fantasy 101: How the Fantasy Soccer: Manager scoring system works continues our multi-part series to help the novice fantasy soccer player get into the game and start playing MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager, our exclusive season-long fantasy game. Contributor Schuyler Redpath, one of the alltime best MLS fantasy players, will walk you through the game, from the basics of building a team to optimizing your squad selection to creating a league.

Part III: The scoring system


Now that you have created your MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager team and joined a league, you're probably wondering: How does it all work? 

Good question.

Fantasy soccer is, at its heart, a game of statistics. Each round, players earn fantasy points based on their real-life performances. Not only individual performances, but also team performances.

Like in real games, the point system celebrate and rewards attacking play. It penalizes poor defensive play. But FS:M is not only about goals and assists. After all, good defense deserves our respect. So there are points awarded for defense, both individual and team-based. 

Below are the points tables:

Action Points
For playing in a game 1
For playing at least 60 minutes in a game (includes playing points mentioned above) 2
For each goal scored by your goalkeeper or defenders 6
For each goal scored by your midfielders or forwards 5
For each assist * 3
For your goalkeeper conceding 0 goals (must also play at least 60 minutes) 4
For your defenders conceding 0 goals (must also play at least 60 minutes) 4
For your midfielders conceding 0 goals (must also play at least 60 minutes) 1
For every penalty miss -2
For every penalty save 5
For every 2 goals conceded by your goalkeeper or defenders -1
For every yellow card -1
For every red card (includes any yellow card points) -3
For every 3 saves 1

Note on assists: An assist is awarded when a pass or cross leads to a goal being scored (no defender touch must interfere with the pass). Live assists are provisional and will be reviewed within 24 hours of the match.


In addition to the regular point system, there are bonus points available. These are meant to reward players who go beyond the usual in their performances. It can also be detrimental if one of your players has a shocker.

Here's the bonus point system for attacking:

1 point for every 3 crosses (A cross is defined where the ball is played to their own player in the penalty area)
1 point for every 3 key passes (A key pass is one that leads to a shot at goal)
1 point for every big chance created (A big chance is one where the analyst determines the player should score)
-1 point for every big chance missed

Here's the bonus point system for defending:

1 point for every 6 CBIs (clearances, blocks or interceptions)
1 point for every 6 recovered balls
-1 point for every error leading to a goal


And as with any successful real club, your fantasy team will have a Captain. Actually, it will have a Vice-Captain, too.  

Picking the right Captain and Vice-Captain is one of the most important aspects of your squad selection. It's also one of my favorite parts of finalizing my team. 

Each round, you must choose a Captain and Vice-Captain from your starting 11. This is incredibly vital for your scoring because your Captain's score will be doubled. If your Captain plays 0 minutes in the round, your Vice-Captain will step in to earn your team double points.

Selecting the right captain on a weekly basis is THE key to success in Fantay Soccer: Manager. It is a big strategy point. Do you play it safe by selecting a player you're confident will earn a fair share of points? Or do you take a gamble by giving the armband to a player you think no other manager will have, thereby boosting your point total while others struggle?

Everyone does it differently. I have found, though, that over the course of the season the best strategy is to have a consistent player like Graham Zusi, Brad Davis, or Dwayne De Rosario be your captain. They may not always have the huge day, but their ability to produce fantasy points week in and week out makes them the best Captain. Kind of like real life.


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