MLS Combine Diary: Soccer with Sea Lions

Make no mistake, everyone at the Combine is happy to be here, but that doesn't mean getting out of the hotel for a while is the worst thing in the world. 

This afternoon we rolled with Yannick Smith, Chris Thomas, Jonathan Mendoza and Luis Soffner to the Miami Seaquarium so the guys could "kick it" with a couple of the sea lions they had on hand. 

The trip didn't disappoint, especially since it gave us a chance to get to know a few of these guys away from the field. 

Key learning: Yannick Smith is one funny dude. Here he is just before we got started today:

After some introductions to the other humans in attendance, it was time for Yannick and Co. to meet Sarah, one of the sea lions we had the pleasure of spending time with on Monday. We know Yannick is a pretty smooth guy, but when it came time for a kiss, well...

Once the fun had finished up (and we determined that it was unlikely Salty was going to be drafted) Smith gave us his thoughts on the day, and some of the hard lessons he had to learn about the human-sea lion relationship. Just part of being a young professional, you know?

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