VIDEO: D.C. United climb the steps at RBA

We all know what happened at Red Bull Arena last night, huge bummer for pretty much everyone involved. 

That doesn't mean the night didn't provide us any memorable moments. In fact, quite the opposite. 

At first, it appeared that United were dead set on playing, even if it was against themselves. Chris Pontius ran out onto the pitch, he was followed by Brandon McDonald. 

Impromptu training session? Might as well, right? "I don't know." said Josh Wolff. Then it became clear. 


No, no kickaround for the Black-and-Red. They were instead walking from the tunnel to section 220 to clap their travelling supporters. Pretty cool, but then the players took it to another level. 

One by one they jumped the field boards, on their way to climb the stairs to get to their fans who had made the trip, and would be making a return trip that night.

We went along for the ride. Video below. 

So with that, we're off to RBA once again. We'll see what goes down.