Numerology: Has Clint Dempsey's role with the US changed?

Since this week is dedicated to numbers here at, I figured I would pass on some of the raw data and illustrations collected over the past few weeks in the hunt for fresh Opta Spotlight* ideas.

*On Friday, I'll examine the magnificent season Columbus' Andy Gruenebaum has put together with Will Hesmer sidelined.

Below are the touch charts for Clint Dempsey in the quarterfinal and semifinal at last summer's Gold Cup as well as the most recent qualifier in Guatemala under Jurgen Klinsmann's direction. Duece scored in all three matches.

What do these illustrations say to you? Is Dempsey playing a different role under Klinsmann than he did under Bob Bradley? I'll leave it to you to draw your own conclusions in the comment section below.

vs. Jamaica (2-0 victory - June 19, 2011)

vs. Panama (1-0 victory - June 22, 2011)

at Guatemala (1-1 draw - June 13, 2012)