Ex-US coach Bradley joins protest marches in Egypt

For many American soccer fans who watched Wednesday's soccer tragedy unfold in Egypt's Port Said, Bob Bradley immediately came to mind.

The American is the head coach of the Egyptian national team and he chose to live in Egypt with his wife as part of the job. A day after the stadium riots that claimed 74 lives and injured a few hundred others following the match between Al-Masry and Al-Ahly, Bradley took to the streets. 

Along with thousands of other Egyptians, Bradley and his wife were photographed at the protest march held Thursday in Central Cairo to commemorate the victims and condemn the violence. The ex-US national team coach spoke to Steven Goff of The Washington Post regarding his thoughts on the events and their impact on the national team.

“When a tragedy like this occurs, it’s important to show respect,” Bradley told The Washington Post.

Below is a video of comments made by Bradley to Egyptian TV.