Maicon Santos - September 24, 2011
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Dallas dumbfounded by scoreless drought after latest loss

FRISCO, Texas- For FC Dallas the story seems to be getting old and the results all the more frustrating.

For the third straight game, this time a 1-0 defeat to in-state rival the Houston Dynamo, FC Dallas outshot their opponent, dominated the scoring opportunities, and yet failed to score a goal and collect three points.  

The last time FC Dallas lost three consecutive shutouts games occurred in Sept. 2006 and the shock of it all is taking its toll on the team.

“It cannot be that we have that many chances and none of them go our way,” stated Ricardo Villar in confusion over the current funk. “We've got to start getting goals. It’s on us. It’s on the forwards. It’s on the midfielders. After today it seems that the ball – there is a shield in the other goal.”

Maicon Santos, Jackson, and George John each hit the post during the 90 minutes with the reaction from each of them exhibiting the same level of disbelief.

HIGHLIGHTS: FC Dallas 0, Houston Dynamo 1
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“Sometimes the ball bounces right for you, sometimes a whole bunch right for you,” said head coach Schellas Hyndman. “And then sometimes they bounce poorly for you and sometimes they bounce a whole bunch poorly for you. I think the last stretch of games for us the ball has not been bouncing right for us.”

Unlike the previous two losses, tired legs and a lack of scoring opportunities were not the cause of the defeat against Houston. The aftermath of Saturday’s 1-0 loss brought more shock and awe that a team with substantial offensive firepower could be held scoreless for 270 minutes.

Not even Jackson – who moved to forward in place of Maicon Santos after Hyndman said he wanted more from the forward position – could put it past goalkeeper Tally Hall after sweeping through the Dynamo back line on more than one occasion.

“There’s no way it’s going to last forever, it’s incredible, it’s too much already,” continued Villar. “I think everybody would agree that it’s kind of even funny when it hits the posts again.”

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