Red Bulls 2, D.C. United 2 -- quote sheet



On New York's first goal:
"Maybe I missed the new FIFA book of laws because in my book a double wall in front of the keeper is not what we're looking for. I think everyone saw that and we just saw the [video] clip. I just cannot understand how we cannot call offsides - you know obstructing the view from the 'keeper having three yards out with two guys standing on him. So for me I just don't understand how this is not supposed to be an offsides. We talk a lot in the offseason about the impact calls and I think the game changes as far as the first goal appears."

On his team's performance:
"It's good to see the boys are reacting and responding that way. I was very proud of them, but we still have to work on some things because ... we play too slow, too predictable - but there were a couple of good chances. This is a crucial place - if you go in at 2-1 in the half maybe it's a different story but as I said the boys responded very well and I'm happy with how they played. There is a lot of work to do but there was a good starting point."

On Alecko Eskandarian's performance:
"As I said, Alecko is a very valuable member to our team and we're very anxious to bring him back. I'm very happy for him that he scored a goal but he also played the way we want. I think his position makes him happy."

On the importance of playing well at home:
"I think it was very important that we come back with two goals and a strong performance in the second half. There were individual mistakes in the first half with which we were not happy. The free kick we talked about and the second goal that was pretty discouraging but my team always show their heart out there. They show that they can play 90 minutes. As I said, we had enough chances to win this game and we were supposed to win the game. It's not always perfect. You wish that you can win the first game, especially at home, but as I said, considering that we play a little different, now the players are getting used to the new system. They need time and I'm sure that the rest of the season we will show better than today."


On how his protective head gear felt:
"I felt totally fine - the head thing is great. It's like a headband so it's not heavy or anything like that. I mean I'm doing fine so there are no problems at all."

On if he played differently than in the past:
"I never go into a tackle with fear so that was never a problem. It's just a matter of having the doctors say it's OK, so that was the tough thing - but no, honestly just waking up every morning with headaches is tough. To know that I can't play tonight or I can't run tonight - that was the toughest thing about it; just waking up every morning knowing that you can't play. That was the toughest thing. Once it started going away a little bit I figured I had a chance and I had to go like one or two months without headaches. Once that went through you're ready to go."

On if he knew he was going to play:
"I didn't know because I just had surgery three weeks ago. So I'm actually way ahead of where I thought I'd be but I had a really good practice and Peter is really positive with me and told me to take my time and that he was very happy with the way I was playing and when we where down two goals I figured I'd get back in there and try to make a goal. It's been a long time coming."


On whether the team was discouraged at halftime:
"Yeah, we were discouraged. Plus it was a team that has a good attitude and we decided to go out there and put together a good half. We started moving the ball better. We started fighting. I think Peter did a really good job putting people on the field and moving the ball quick and going after them."

On Eskandarian's return:
"It's just great, so nice to come from a guy who's been out for a good time and not sure if you're every going to play again it's a pleasure for me to see him go out there and get back on the field. You know his parents and all his family out there are all ecstatic. He's dealt with a lot these last few years and to see him smile again after the goal is a special moment."


On the game:
"It was a slow start for us. I guess there was a lot of nervousness out there but we settled down in the second half we played our game and it was great comeback. You know you want to get those two [extra] points, but you definitely feel satisfied just because we made a difference. But then again, we still didn't get the three points at home. So we are definitely dissapointed about that."

On his goals for the upcoming months:
"Right now I'm not going to sit here and say that I'm going to score 20 goals - no. I'm just going to go out, keep working and do whatever is asked of me to do. You guys noticed the first time I played left wing they told me stay out wide. I do whatever I have to do to help the team out and at the end of the day I am satisfied because I know I gave it my all out there."


On losing the 2-0 lead: "Two-nil is never enough of a lead, especially against a good team like D.C. There wasn't much we could do. I told our guys at halftime that we must continue to play hard because D.C. would be hungry to score. We knew [Alecko] Eskandarian would be coming in and I told the team we can't get complacent."

On the result:
"I'm fairly happy. This is always a tough place to play and I am satisfied with the tie."


On the game:
"A tie against Washington is a good thing. You never know how you are going to perform with a new team and a new staff, so this was definitely a good tie for us."

On his free kick:
"I just shot it. When you feel confident you can just take the shot and not worry about anything else. It was a difficult goal since it was so far away and it is one of my favorite goals since being in MLS."

On the team's young players:
"After the game we knew we made some mistakes. Our young players did a pretty good job today and we will learn from our mistakes in the future."


On the game:
"I thought with the 2-0 lead that we should have pressured them a little bit more and tried to get a third goal. We should have done a better job defensively, especially for that first goal. And the second goal actually deflected off of me and we just got unlucky."

On not being comfortable with a 2-0 lead:
"You sit there and you think that if they get a goal, then they have all the momentum. Then our mindset is that we have to push again, but if you make one little mistake they can tie the game. It's great to have two goals but at the same time it's not enough to relax."

On picking up a point on the road:
"It's always tough to come down here. The atmosphere is great and they are a good team so to get a point on the road in our first game is nice. But we can't settle, we have to learn from this and improve in the future."