MLS Newsstand – Monday, April 24, 2006

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  • FC Dallas reserve scores 94th-minute winner (Dallas Morning News)
  • Wizards' unbeaten streak ends in Dallas (Kansas City Star)
  • Defense holds until midfielder can deny draw (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
  • MLS Might Have a Beef With Ridicule of Red Bull (Los Angeles Times)
  • Difficult stretch of schedule over with (Deseret Morning News)
  • Martino's goal alters mind-set, boosts morale (Columbus Dispatch)
  • De Grandpre gives Johnston support, makes no promises (Daily Record)
  • Dynamo Summary (Houston Chronicle)
  • RSL's offseason moves haven't earned points (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Donovan has a point to prove to the Germans (Calcutta Sunday Telegraph)
  • Homegrown talent (The Coloradoan)
  • Get Real? Salt Lake is team's real home (Deseret Morning News)