Wizards 2, Galaxy 1 -- quote sheet



On overall game:
"It was disappointing for us tonight. If you are leading one-nothing at home, you should come out with at least a point. To be leading one-nothing and lose is disappointing for our team. They were a team with (tough) results for the past couple of games. They were very hungry, they played with a lot of energy, and they played very organized. They played with a lot more energy than us and at the end of the day we came up short."

On both Kansas City goals:
"Obviously, the two goals they got were two mistakes. One, nobody runs with Gomez. There were two people in the wall. One of those two have to run with him when he runs over the ball and that didn't happen. On the second goal, we had a chance to stop the play at midfield and we didn't. We did not cover the back post and Wolff puts up a great ball and picks out Gutierrez. Those goals really came off mistakes. Even Klein's, where he got inside and had a good chance was a mistake too. Somebody went to sleep on the marking. So when things are going well for you that's what happens, and when things are going bad for you that is what happens."

On Galaxy's lack of consistency:
"We are the only team close to winning half their games in this league and then you look at New York and they have only won one game out of every three. If we can win half our games we'll be OK. In order to find a rhythm with injuries and subbing players, and a lot of guys that haven't been getting a lot of minutes in the past. It is just a case where I think Kansas City outworked us."


On his first MLS career assist:
"It's kind of bittersweet. We didn't win the game so, I guess it doesn't really matter that much."

On what the team needs to do to improve on for next week:
"Kansas City kind of sat back looking for a counter-attack and they got it. I thought we took it to them. Next week, we just need to look to be a little more cautious on defense."

On playing Chicago next week:
"They are a good team, but I'm not worried about them. We'll to have a good week of practice and we'll be fine."


On the disappointment of the loss:
"Of course my goal was bittersweet; we are here to win games at home, and we expect to win at home. Today, they were smart and really made things difficult for us in the back. They closed down spaces in the back and it was really difficult for us to get open looks. They took advantage of counter attacks and they got the result they wanted."

On the physical play of the match:
"It was physical, but it was not out of the ordinary. That's to be expected when they put so many bodies in the back and behind the ball. That's the way it is, but we should still have been able to find the open spaces."

On not gaining a point at home:
"It was obviously disappointing, it is whenever you lose at home. All of us need to take a look in the mirror and recognize that we can do better and we have to do better."

On playing Chicago next week:
"Chicago is always difficult; every time we play them it's a tough match. It's a good rivalry and we have a sore spot after losing this game."


On the result:
"It was a superb effort. Having played Sunday, Wednesday, and again today and having gone coast-to-coast the guys really rose to the occasion. They kept digging deeper but they also played smart. They played both sides of the ball. I thought in our attack game we were looking for variety and got one on the restart and got one our usual way when we break out, but we also had possibilities on our possession game and that was really key. We took good care of the ball and got opportunities of that."

On the approach for the next game on the road:
"I take every game as an entity in itself. This shows we can win on the road and we will take this as a lesson. We start concentrating on Colorado late tonight and into tomorrow."

On the second half:
"We talked about some things we needed to reinforce. Defensively, the way we track some people, we needed to improve on that - the people that pressured in certain situations. It was basically our same plan coming out in the second half. We continued to hold the ball intelligently to give us a breather from defending too much and realized some opportunities off of that. We got our wide guys involved and it showed up in both boxes."


On his goal:
"I just took advantage of my opportunity. Coach Gansler told me to be ready and to bring some energy and that is what I tried to do. I had a great chance and just had to finish it. Hopefully this win will help us out with the next four road games and continue to build our confidence."


On his goal:
"It was one of those plays that we defended well and crossed inside our box and broke out. Josh made a good play and sent a good ball across the box and I just had to get there. Fortunately, I had enough gas to get to the back post and tap it in."

On taking three points on the road:
"We knew that we had to make up some points after the defeat that we took at home last Wednesday. It benefits us to take three points not only in the standings but also mentally it does a lot for our team. It shows that if we put in 90 minutes of effort we can get the results wherever we are."

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