Revolution 3, Crew 1 -- quote sheet



On the game:
"The first one was a bad goal. The last thing we said before we left (the locker room) was if the ball is rolling backwards toward their goal, we need to take a step forward. If we had done that, then their guy is offside.

"So it was a bad start. They were trying to counter us the whole time basically. If we had kept the ball better, we might have scored some more goals. But certainly we were happy if we had won it 2-1, and the third goal just gave us a cushion to be tight and make sure we didn't make any mistakes."

On Revs' captain Joe Franchino's two blocks:
"We could have scored a couple of goals as well and then it is completely dead. You can slice it anyway. Joey - that's his job, so he was in good position to cover. But we need to be better with the ball. If we had been better with the ball, we would have had a more comfortable evening."

On the win:
"I think we deserved it. We were taking the play to them and they were just trying to (catch) us on the break. We are the away team and I thought we deserved it. Ralston threw it at the goalkeeper as well, and then it would have really been dead. I thought we deserved to win tonight."

On winning one game after the Revs' undefeated streak was halted:
"After the (2-0 loss to D.C. United last Saturday), we were glad that we were playing on Wednesday. You never know, you just have to get the job done. We are glad to get on the horse again and we are glad to get three points away from home."


On the game:
"The worst aspect for us was giving the ball away, and when we did that they had chances. But when we kept the ball we created good chances and got goals."

On the control of the ball:
"It was very wide open, both ways. But if we hold the ball better, it goes one way and that is us going forward. I think if we could just hold the ball starting up top and put two or three passes together, we would have been a lot more effective. But we were giving the ball away too easily and that was giving them dangerous chances and letting them counter on us. Once we started holding the ball a little more, we started created better chances and got some goals."

On his goals:
"The first one in was a good ball from (Steve Ralston). I saw Clint (Dempsey). Clint made a good run off and I just nodded it down to him. I think (Clint) knew my back post run, and I gave him a shout. He did a good job of smashing that ball in to the post. I just jammed it into the net. The second one, a corner kick. That was the run I was making, a back post run waiting for the ball to come loose and it did. The first touch wasn't all that good, but I was able to sneak it in before the 'keeper slid over."


On the victory:
"You have to get that bad taste out of your mouth from those two games back - one against Kansas City, one against D.C. United. Resting your body, trying to get back in the flow of things. Also felt good to get back on the score board, get a goal. I think it is just going to continue to get back on the wave again. Throughout the season, you are going to have ups and downs. When you have your downs, you just have to figure out a way to get back on that way and get going again. I think tonight we did that. We were fortunate enough to have a midweek game after a loss, because now our confidence is back and we are feeling good about each other. We want to continue doing what we were doing to get us in the position we are in."

On his goal:
"It was a good corner in. I just tried to get away from my marker and it was a good ball and I just put my head on it and, luckily enough, it went it."


On the result:
"After the D.C. loss we were unhappy. It was our first loss but we didn't want to keep our heads down. We didn't want to wait the whole week, so it's good that we had this Wednesday game to get this back. It was good. I think the guys came out ready to play. We did give up the early goal away - it was a hiccup there where we got caught sleeping, we should have stepped off our line - but overall we just fought back and came away with the victory."

On his goal line clearance in the 40th minute:
"Cornell Glen got in on Matty (Reis) and Reis made himself big and (Edson Buddle) couldn't slot it behind him and that gave me enough time to get back on the line and fortunately I was able to save it."


"We still can't believe we lost 3-1. It was an unbelievable first half. We had every opportunity to make the game ours and we didn't take advantage of those chances. When you give good teams the opportunity to hang around in the same game it's going to come back to haunt you and it certainly did tonight."

On the stoppage time goal before halftime:
"I don't know if it was lax. I think Steve (Herdsman) got beat flat out. You've got a man up there. You've got to be stronger than the guy you're defending. Flat out Dempsey wanted it more than Steve, it's really that simple."

"We had a lot of chances in the first half; the game should have been over. We've got to put those away. It's an old story, but when you allow three goals it's hard to win ... it's hard to win."

"First of all there were too many of them (set pieces). We've got to do a better job not giving a team that makes their living off of set-pieces, set-pieces. The first one was an effort one, the second one we lost the guy. You just can't do that. We've just got to be stronger in the box."

"Well we are getting the chances. How many posts did we hit? How many were cleared off the line? I don't know how many out-and-out chances we had. At the end of the day, those guys are paid to score goals and they need to put them in the back of the net. I don't know that we could create anymore in a goal. How many quality chances can you have and not put them away. It's got to get done. On the other end of it we're just giving up way too many goals and we've got to get that solved."

What was said at halftime?
"Nothing that I could repeat in here. We tried to make a couple of adjustments tactically as we do every halftime. Some couple little tweaks we thought we could defensively be better at. We did better at that in the second half. Offensively, we just wanted to keep getting the ball out of the middle third and get it wide. And at the end of the day the crosses weren't quite sharp enough in the second half, and the finishing wasn't sharp enough."

"Our guys play with so much heart and determination, I can't question that. They show up to play. They work their ends off in training everyday. They worked their ends off out here tonight. I mean they leave it on the field. They want better results. But at the end of the day when you're not getting results the goal starting shrinking on you. You start pressing and you start making little mistakes. Clearly that's evident. In the final third of each end it's just not good enough right now and it's got to get better. But again, chances after chances."

"He (Kyle Martino) is still nursing his injury. It was kind of a double sub with Marcus Storey. We felt we were doing good wide and we wanted to get another body in the middle. And John Wolyniec is notorious for scoring goals late off of crosses, and Kyle Martino is not, to be quite frank. It was a change where we thought we needed to get a little bit more physical presence on the field and take advantage of some crosses, but then the crosses went wanting."


"We came out strong again in the second half. But too often we are playing well when we are losing. We play well when we are down a goal or two, and that's easy to do. We've got to start playing well when we're up a goal and put the game away; especially at home, and we're just not doing that. It's not one guy or two guys, it's the whole team. I think we give the ball away too easily.

We try to make the killer pass every single time we get the ball. We win the ball back, have some one-two passes, try to go forward, play the killer ball, lose it, and then we're right back on our heals. New England was a perfect example; they get the ball, get it wide and play the ball into our half. They knock it around a bit. They take 10 or 15 touches in our half and make us work and run a little bit, where as we get the ball and try to play the killer ball forward and lose it right away. Sometimes it works, but there are times to play the killer ball and there are times to keep it in your own half and make them work a little bit and create a play through passing the ball, and I don't think we do that enough.

Set-pieces are just about marking your guy and not letting him get ahead of it. I don't want to put any blame on anyone. You could go back all the way to the guy who gave the corner away. Tonight we just weren't good on our marks, and a team that's in first place will punish you for that."


"A couple different bounces and I think the game probably would have gone a different way, but that's the way it goes sometimes. You just have to take it one game at a time and try to bounce back.

It's disappointing that they scored in injury time going into the second half. Being down 2-1 is always hard to come back from. New England did a good job finding open space and creating 1-v-1 all over the field."

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